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First Post!

Yahooo! Chimmy desu~

I knew and love Japan since childhood. First from anime, then manga, and then started to like their dorama and music.

Actually I'm not that interest to social media or something like that, I quite an introvert really. But, when I started to knew a bit about Japan (especially artist from Johnny's Jimusho) I started to like browsing and found that LJ is something that you cannot separate for fandom life, it started when I'm in junior high school, back then I'm still a silent-reader, until now I decided to make one just now (took a long-long time ne~). So now I'm still not understand about the system though.

Well since this is the first post and this will be an introduction, I'll make a list some of things that I like (and it's really a random thing).

Name: as I said before my name is Chimmy or just call me Chim
Birthday: 1991/05/15
From: Indonesia (I know English and a bit of Japan)
Interests: Mainly Japan (anime, manga, music, dorama, well everything). I took interest a bit about Bollywood (see what I said about random things?!). Well, Bollywood artist that I like is Deepika Padukone (She's so beautiful that I hardly can't take my eyes from her, she's my girl crush really!). I know a bit about Korean too (mainly about k-pop, and my eyes now only focus on Bigbang. Know about Kdrama too, but only knew a few, my favs actress is Park Shin Hye). I love watching west TV-series too, my fav genre is drama, detective and thriller (I watch Game of Thrones, TBBT, Downton Abbey, Hannibal, Sherlock, PLL, and many more)
Favorite JE: Yamapi and Arashi (I know about others but these two is my ichiban). My ichiban from Arashi is Sakurai Sho and I adore Sakumiya/Magnet pair (but I also can take sakuraiba, sakumoto and yama-pair too, haha I guess I just really love Sho-chan and wanting him loves by the other ><)

That's all you have to know about me. It's really a random thing right?Haha..
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